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Marzola Wine

Marzola Wine

Marzola specialises in the design, manufacture and maintenance of wine machinery since 1851. In the course of these 160 years we have promoted and contributed to the technological development and innovation of some of the leading worldwide wineries.

Professional precision and the search of high productivity and efficiency have always been the distinguishing marks of Marzola, always at the disposal of the most demanding customers and working in close collaboration with all of them.

Thanks to the experience, the know-how and the determination to customize every product and service, Marzola offers a full range of equipment and systems for all wine making processes from the supply of the most innovative and productive machinery to the completion of turn-key engineering projects. That is why talking about Marzola implies talking about strength, reliability, research and technological progress.

Marzola, on the cutting edge of winemaking mechanization