Biele Group

Machinery & Equipment for Wineries

01/ Samplers

Column Samplers with extendable arm and probe Automatic Samplers built into pipe

Column Samplers with extendable arm and probe

These units are installed at the infeed zone in order to value the grape and carry it to the required unloading point according to quality, before being processed.

Automatic Samplers built into pipe

Mounted on pumps or tubes for the sampling and measuring of all the grapes carried on the vehicle. This process enables obtaining a very rough measurement of all the harvest.

02/ Turner platforms

Turner platforms

Double Platform Combination
(Bridge – Turner)
Simple Bridge Platform
Simple Turner Platform

Platform system to facilitate vehicle unloading operations in wine cellars. Mainly used in large wine cellars and cooperatives where, not being provided with the tipping option, unloading from the trailer is not possible.

03/ Hopper


Capacities: 16 m3 - 24 m3

Grape receiving hoppers, with size adapted to the volume of the vehicle to be unloaded. Also serves to regulate the entry according to the processing line.

Built entirely out of
Stainless Steel AISI 304.

04/Combined de-stemmer - crusher - helical pump

Combined de-stemmer - crusher - helical pump

Models: DE 12 / DE 25 / DE 60 /
DE 90 / DE 120

For performances up to 120,000 kg./h.

Mounted on independently frames enable mounting as standard or separately. That is to say, when mounted on a sorting line, as they are independent they can be arranged anywhere.

05/ De-stemmer


Models: D 12 / D 25 / D 60 / D 90 / D 120

De-stemmer formed by paddles mounted in an helix form to give a delicate touch to the grape.

The holes of the grape separating drum are much deeper, flared and rounder, making the de-stemming smoother and
more effective.

Built-in hopper-feeder.

06/ Crusher


Models: E 12 / E 25 / E 60 / E 90 / E 120

Crusher made up of thick-toothed rollers, formed by alimenting cork stars with bearings on the ends, adjustable by means of rails to regulate the crushing to the characteristics of the harvest.

Equipped with wheels to be able to move over the frame in case of not wanting to crush the harvest.

07/ Hydraulic helical pump

Hydraulic helical pump

Models: BH 15 / BH 30C / BH 30L /
BH 65C / BH 65L / BH 100C / BH 100M / BH 100L / BH 120

Powerful stainless steel hydraulic pump that permits moving quantities of up to
120 m3/h.
with pressures and speeds that do not damage the vinification process.

Equipped with conventional hydraulics, resistant to abrasion, with APRA, maximum size of solids and minimum speed.

08/ Stem driving pipe

Stem driving pipe

PVC Exterior ø 200 / ø 250
INOX Exterior ø 200 / ø 204

Used for the stem conduction.

Built in PVC and Stainless Steel AISI 304.

09/Pneumatic Transporter
(Stem Vacuum)

Pneumatic Transporter (Stem Vacuum)

Motor Power: 12,5 c.v. / 20 c.v.

Models: TN 30 / TN 50

Necessary to transport to difficult locations or large distances.

10/ Sulphur dosifying tank

Sulphur dosifying tank

Automated direct injection sulphur dioxide dispensing equipment with pump or injection by pulse pressure and constant volumes, dosing sulphur dioxide dissolved
in water.

11/Pipe for moving fresh
& fermented harvest

Pipe for moving fresh & fermented harvest

PVC: ø 110 / ø 140 / ø 160
INOX Interior ø 110 / ø 125 / ø 150
         Exterior ø 114 / ø 129 / ø 154

Used for the harvest conduction.

Built in PVC and
Stainless Steel AISI 304.

12/Progressive draining dejuicers

Progressive draining dejuicers

Models: DAP 800 / DAP 900

Machines designed to extract the free must at low pressure, before reaching the press.

The new technology applied is the same used in the pressing (See Progressive Draining Presses).

13/ Progressive draining presses

Progressive draining presses

Models: PAP 500 / PAP 800 /
PAP 1000v / PAP 1000a

New presses for continuous work processes using a technology that prevents the mass returning during pressing. This will override the backstops, avoiding the production of debris.

The process is more like that of an hydraulic press where the pressure is increased gradually until the total pressing.

14/ Pneumatic presses

Pneumatic presses

Models: N 10a / N 25c / N 25a /
N 50c / N 100c / N 150c /
N 250c / N 350c / N 450c /
N 620c

In all sizes for the winery’s every need.

Special feeder, press cylinder and programming design; vital parameters for a great press.

  • Harvest centering shaft equipped with greater diameter outlet so as not to damage the grape
  • Automatic cleaning system


  • Telemaintenance of the machine via Modem or Internet
  • SCADA system for the control and adquisition of data of harvest
  • WebGate monitoring system
  • Load Quantity Control (LQC)
  • Musts selection

15/ Basket Presses

Basket Presses

Models: PV 10HL / PV 20HL / PV 26HL

Designed according to the traditional pressing principles for fermented grape to obtain premium wines, using the basic principles for a delicate treatment of the grape, avoinding herbaceous flavours through unwanted breakage.

The extraction speed control achieves a uniform flow of the juice through all of the mass, dragging the substances that make these wines perfect to add to those wines that lack structure. Also, there is no oxidation and wines come out bright and filtered.

All of these characteristics have been compared in analytic studies and organoleptic evaluations in internationally renowned wineries.

16/Vat emptying belt or Tipping cart

Vat emptying belt

Tipping cart

Belts for the run-off of fermented harvest from the vats.

Tipping carts for the fermented run-off and transportation of fermented grapes to the press.

Capacity: 800 l.

17/Conveyor Belt
and Chain Conveyor

Conveyor Belt Chain Conveyor

Conveyor Belt

Built in Stainless Steel AISI 304 or Galvanised Steel for transporting grapes, stalks, marcs, etc.

Chain Conveyor

Built in Stainless Steel AISI 304 or Galvanised Steel for transporting, stalks, marcs, etc.

18/ Residue storage container

Residue storage container

Capacities: 19 m3 - 38 m3

Container provided for storage of the marcs during pressing. The unloading of the skins is then done quickly into the truck.